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Shuli Sohn, LMSW

Originally from Chicago, IL, I made Aliyah with my family in the summer of 2014. Prior to coming to Israel, I earned my bachelor's degree in psychology from Lander College for Women, Touro University. I then completed my master’s degree in social work from Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and have since maintained licensure both in Israel and the U.S.

While in graduate school, I began working with clients suffering from mood-related problems, many of whom also struggled with substance abuse. It was during this time that I developed a passion to help individuals struggling with mood dysregulation, which significantly impacted their ability to effectively navigate their lives.  

Following graduate school, I had the opportunity to provide evidence-based treatment in a variety of clinical settings, including outpatient and medical environments. It was also during this time that I began learning and applying mindfulness and evidence-based treatments to assist adolescents and young adults in generating and maintaining fulfilling lives. 

As a social worker at Crossroads Jerusalem, I provided individual therapy, led social skills groups, and worked with parents of high-risk teens to effectively guide difficult-to-treat clients through their formative years.  In addition, I’ve served as an admissions liaison at Touro College; as a coordinator at a girl’s seminary, Tiferet; and was a member of the staff development team at Camp HASC. These experiences provided me with the opportunity to create supportive and enriching environments in academic and therapeutic settings. It was through these that I learned to tailor interventions to the specific needs of my clients.

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