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Our Intake Process

The process begins by placing a phone call to provide a brief description of why you are seeking services. We may then schedule a consultation session with Dr. Schlager, who evaluates each potential client or family. This allows him to generate a personal connection with each client/family in the practice and act as an informed supervisor when a client in the practice is not being treated by him directly.


The evaluation process is an opportunity to learn more about one another, determine if we are the appropriate resource, identify goals and discuss treatment options.


For those seeking treatment for an adolescent, the evaluation is typically conducted in two phases. In phase one, Dr. Schlager meets with the parent(s) in order to generate a developmental history and gain access to information that adolescents are often incapable or unlikely to provide. In addition, this allows Dr. Schlager to learn about the impact of the adolescent’s behavior and difficulties on the surrounding environment. After meeting with the parent(s), Dr. Schlager will then conduct a more informed evaluation of the adolescent. The process provides solid ground for developing an initial formulation about the case and  generating precise treatment recommendations. If the case is appropriate for treatment at Modi’in Behavioral, we will then make a determination about the treatment options.

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